Fund Raising

Holiday Lanes puts the FUN in FUNraising

Three ways to hold a bowling fundraiser:

Holiday Lanes offers several ways your group or organization can raise the funds they need. Below are just a few of our more popular formats:

The first way Holiday Lanes offers is for bowlers to pay a flat rate fee and we donate a percentage of the profits back to your group. For example, if each person pays $15.00 for bowling and shoe rental, and the bowling alley agrees to give a 33% of the profit to you, then your organization would receive $5 per person. Depending on how big you're planning for this event to be, you could advertise through mass flyer distribution, internet, or radio. Make sure everyone in your group or community knows about the chance to help you and your organization and have fun at the same time.

A second way is to go out and get sponsors or pledges before the bowling fundraiser. Either ask for straight donations, or a promise or 'pledge' to pay a certain amount per pin knocked down (f. ex. 25 cents per pin). Keep in mind, that when collecting pledges, there is a bit more work to be done after the bowling night, when you have to go back to collect the pledges.

A third possibility is oriented more towards businesses or other larger groups. Offer them the chance to rent the lane for the night for a flat fee, pay the bowling fees out of that, and your group gets the rest.

These are just a few ways you can have a bowling fundraiser at Holiday Lanes. We can combine any of these ideas and create your group its own custom fundraiser.

Tip: on the day of the actual fundraiser, make sure you designate at least one volunteer as the go-to person, who can direct people to where they need to go, or help them when they have problems with their lane.

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